There are many ways to be involved in your child's school. 

Each year the PTA takes on the tasks of raising money and running programs throughout the year. The money helps to support Field Trips, Art Projects, Music / Dance Education, Family Fun Nights, Assemblies, After School Clubs and many more programs for the students at McKinley Elementary School.

To create the experiences we want for our children it takes parent involvement throughout the year!

Offer a helping hand in any way you can. Here are a few ways to do it!


Be an “agent of change” – voice your concerns and ideas with a group of like individuals who have a similar vision and hope for children, for education and for our community. Join us One Tuesday Every Month @ 6:45 pm. (Free Childcare) Check the events page to confirm dates and times.

Yes, giving money really helps. Money pays for all the programs, buses and other things the PTA provides which are over and above what the school can do. Every year, whenever you can, just give what you can. Maybe it's $5, or $25. Maybe it has been a great year and you feel like giving $100. Need a $1,000 deduction for your taxes? We can help. 

We are always trying to find new ways to make the process easier, but for now you can drop a check in an envelope and leave it at the front office.


We NEED, WANT and WELCOME your participation and hope there is an activity or event that you can give a little of your time. You will put smiles on a lot of faces, including your own!

McKinley Elementary is fortunate to have a great group of volunteers who consistently dedicate their time and energy at school.

To Volunteer at the school you will need to fill out the forms on the Burbank USD website.  You will need to provide a your drivers license and have passed a TB Test.